活体打印 惊悚而震撼的故事






活体打印 Copy The Life

Story of the movie tells a sci-fi, thrilling and shocking story: Chen Fei, who fell in love with the vest,

often had nightmares and was choked by the vest.

Chen Fei accidentally discovered that there were countless corpses in the underground warehouse that were exactly the same as her.

The frightened Chen Fei tried to escape from the claws of the vest, but failed repeatedly.

Chen Fei met the same self, No. 126, and uncovered the love and hate and secret laboratory of the vest…At the same time,

the traitor Lao Li, who was established in the “September 18th Bureau” in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, brought unstable printers to snatch the live printing technology.


Chinese Movie |  Chinese sci-fi action | Chinese Horror movie

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