Big Bad Wolf Dessert House


Big Bad Wolf Dessert House

Autumn is here, and the leaves in the forest are falling like butterflies. It’s so beautiful!

The little sheep happily walked into the forest to play, and walked deep into the forest without knowing it.

As he walked, the little sheep found himself lost.

She was so anxious that she screamed, and she was so hungry.

She thought to herself: If there could be a gourmet shop for me to eat something,

it would be great! Suddenly, she saw a dessert house not far away.

She approached and saw that the roof of the dessert house was paved with multicolored chocolates,

the window was made of delicious candies, the door was a huge biscuit,

and the chimney was wafting from the chimney with bursts of attractive fragrance.

The little sheep said to himself:

“Whose dessert house is this?” At this time, a big bad wolf walked out of the dessert house.

He wore a tall chef hat on his head and a set of white chef uniforms. He smiled and said,

“Little sheep, welcome to my dessert house.” Although the little sheep is very scared, she is really So hungry,

he boldly walked in.

The big bad wolf gave the little sheep delicious candies and biscuits, and entertained the little sheep very warmly.

The little sheep was full and said gratefully: “Thank you, big bad wolf! Let’s be friends!”

The big bad wolf said happily: “Okay, okay! Little animals are afraid of me, no one Willing to be my friend, you are my first friend.”

Since then, the little sheep and the big bad wolf have become good friends.

Little Sheep often takes his friends to visit the dessert house of Big Bad Wolf. In this way,

the dessert house business is getting more and more prosperous,

and Big Bad Wolf has more and more friends

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