Detective Little frog


Detective Little frog kids story

The little frog giggled, awakened by a sound early in the morning.

“Hey, hey!” Whose voice is this, so much like yourself. The little frog looked curiously, and he found the house of the hen.

Detective Little frog

The flower hen was crying sadly: “Chuck, cluck, gig…” It turned out that the hen lay a big egg yesterday, which was stolen by a thief.

The little frog got angry. He said, “I must find out who is the hateful thief!”

A little hedgehog watching the excitement on the side said: “You are not a hunting dog, you can’t smell the thief, you can’t be a detective. Besides, you are so small, would the thief be afraid of you?”

“I have a clever frog head, I can handle it.” The little frog looked carefully in front of the hen’s door, and finally he found a few gray-black hairs on the edge of a sharp stone on the side of the road. There is still a little blood.

That hair is not like the hair on the feet of animals, but like the hair on the back. Strange, how could the hair on the back stay on the ground? Did it roll on the ground?

Little frog thought about it and came up with the answer. He asked Little Hedgehog to find the mouse brothers called : Dahei and Zu Erhei.

The little frog giggled and saw that there was a scar on the black back of Mouse Er, and there were still blood stains. When the little frog clucked his anger, he bulged his body a lot. He asked the mouse Erhei loudly and said, “How did you get hurt? Come on!”

Mouse Erhei said: “The tree, the tree, the bark is rubbing!”

The little frog became even more angry when it heard it, and bulged up a lot.

“Nonsense! Look, this is the evidence you have left, please tell me!” The little frog chuckles and said with a few gray-black hairs in his hands.

Looking at the little frog that was twice as big as usual,  Erhei panicked: “I, we stole the eggs of the hen!”

The little frog squinted his eyes and bulged a lot. He said, “Hurry up and send the eggs back!”

Looking at the little frog that was three times larger than usual, the two mice were terrified. They said quickly, “Let’s move, let’s move!”

After a while, I saw Erhei lying on the ground face upside down, holding a big egg in his arms.

Dahei, pulling the slender tail of Erhei, dragged forward hard, and brought the big egg back.

The little hedgehog was delighted at first sight. He said: “It turns out that the mouse steals eggs like this. The little frog is so clever. I guess it right away.”

The little frog giggled and said, “I didn’t guess, it was a detective!”

Seeing Mrs. Hen’s hen holding her egg back, the little hedgehog said admiringly: “Little frog, you are such a great detective!”

The little frog chuckled and vented the anger in his stomach, and he changed back to his original size.


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