Ninja Shadow Of A Tear


Ninja Shadow Of A Tear Martial arts movie

Best ninja movie 2013 Ninja Shadow Of A Tear
Story of the movies tells : American martial artist Casey Bowman has settled down at the Kōga ninja dojo and married Namiko Takeda, who is pregnant with their first child. One day, while shopping for a pendant in town, he encounters and fends off two knife-wielding muggers. Later that night, Casey goes grocery shopping, but when he remembers that the muggers took his wallet, he rushes home only to find Namiko slain, with markings of a barbed wire weapon around her neck. On the day of the funeral, the dojo is visited by a former student named Nakabara, who offers Casey to train at his dojo in Thailand to ease his pain, but Casey declines the offer.

电影的故事讲述:美国武术家 凯西·鲍曼(Casey Bowman)已定居在忍者道场(Kōganinja dojo)并与怀有第一个孩子的武田南子(Namiko Takeda)结婚。 一天,他在城里买吊坠时,遇到并抵制了两名持刀行窃的抢劫犯。 那天晚上晚些时候,凯西去杂货店购物,但是当他想起抢劫者抢走钱包时,他赶回家发现奈米子被杀,脖子上有带刺铁丝网的痕迹。 在葬礼的那天,一位名叫Nakabara的前学生参观了道场,他为凯西·鲍曼 提供了在泰国道场训练以减轻痛苦的机会,但凯西·鲍曼拒绝了这一提议。


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