Paper boat and the kite


Paper boat and the kite story

The squirrel and the bear are good friends.

Paper boat and the kite

The squirrel lives on the top of the mountain and the bear lives at the foot of the mountain.

The creek on the mountain flows down, just passing by the door of Little Bear’s house.

The squirrel folded a paper boat and placed it in the stream.

The paper boat drifted to the door of Little Bear’s house.

Little Bear picked up the paper boat and looked at it.

There was a small pine cone in the paper boat,

and a note was hung on the pine cone, which read: “Happy!”

Little Bear also wants to fold a paper boat to give to the squirrel,

but the paper boat can’t float to the mountain. How to do it?

After thinking about it, he threw a kite. The kite floated on the wind, and floated to the door of Squirrel’s house.

The squirrel grabbed the kite’s string and looked at it, too.

There is a strawberry hanging on the kite,

and the wings of the kite say: “I wish you happiness!”

The paper boat and kite made the two of them good friends.

But one day, the two of them quarreled over a little matter.

No more flying kites on the top of the mountain,

no more drifting paper boats in the creek.

Little Bear is sad. He still tied a kite every day,

but he was embarrassed to fly the kite and hung the kite on the high branches.

The squirrel is also sad. He still folds a paper boat every day,

and he is too embarrassed to put the paper boat into the creek,

so he put the paper boat on the roof.

After a few days, the squirrel couldn’t stand it anymore.

He wrote a sentence on a folded paper boat:

“If you are willing to reconcile, just fly a kite!” He put the paper boat into the stream.

In the evening, Squirrel saw a beautiful kite flying towards him. The squirrel cried with joy.

He quickly climbed to the roof and put the paper boats into the creek.


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