Phyllanthus urinaria Herb Plant


Phyllanthus urinaria Herb Plant , It’s easy to find, it might appear around your home.

There are 14 types of Phyllanthus in Malaysia, but only two types of Phyllanthus are suitable for making health products,

namely “Phyllanthus Niruri” and “Phyllanthus Urinaria”.

The leaves of the former are round and oval, and the leaves of the latter are pointed.

Both are rich in flavonoids and corilagin and are easy to cultivate.

Phyllanthus urinaria Herb Plant

The Malay name of this grass is more interesting. It is called “Dukung Anak”.

The leaf represents “mother”, and the seed below the leaf symbolizes its “child”,

so the leaf beads are like a great mother.

Keep the child out of the wind and rain.

Efficacy: clearing away heat and detoxification, hydration and swelling,

calming liver and improving eyesight, and eliminating malnutrition

Phyllanthus is a kind of cute grass, its appearance is quite interesting,

the oval leaves are neatly arranged, and the emerald green seeds hang under the leaves like pearls,

so its name is very appropriate,

and the English name is translated “Underleaf Pearl”.

On the other hand, it is also shy like a mimosa.

When touched by people or exposed to the sun,

its leaves will slowly close together to protect water from evaporation.

It will not bloom again until the weather is cool,

because it opens day and night and closes. , So it is also called “Night Hecao”.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Phyllanthus urinaria is called “Pearl Grass”.

It was originally a medicine for treating eye diseases.

However, when scientists recognized the grass with their eyes,

they found that it has antioxidant activity and can inhibit hepatitis B virus (HBV-DNA).

It protects liver cells and improves immunity,

so it became popular in Korea overnight and became a national treasure for the treatment of liver diseases.

Whenever it is touched or exposed to the sun,

the leaves of Phyllanthus urinifera will slowly close together to protect the water from evaporation,

and will not bloom again until the weather is cool.

At Madras University, India, there is a professor named N. Madanagopalan.

He is a gastroenterologist and he has a lot of research on the liver.

The professor once said: “India is vast and crowded.

Without Phyllanthus, many Indians would die of liver disease”

Because of this sentence, a Malaysian pharmaceutical manufacturer was deeply inspired.

He organized a pharmacy team in 1997 and used scientific equipment to study the ingredients

and liver-protecting effects of Phyllanthus urinaria.

After testing, the team found that Phyllanthus urinaria has two effective ingredients: flavonoids and Corilagin,

which have antioxidant properties and can protect liver cell membranes from free radical damage.

In addition,

researchers from the Ministry of Health of China have also conducted experiments on animals and found that Phyllanthus urinaria has obvious effects on hepatitis B and anti-liver fibrosis.

Research by the Taiwan medical team has shown that Phyllanthus urinaria can reduce tumor cells.

It will not cause side effects on normal cells.

Phyllanthus urinaria is called “Pearl Grass”, which is originally a medicine for treating eye diseases.

Before the Phyllanthus entered the laboratory,

it had been widely spread among the people. After picking leaves on the roadside,

people take it directly or drink it in water, or mix it with oldenlandia diffusa to boil herbal tea.

It can clear away heat and detoxify, protect the liver and improve eyesight,

reduce inflammation and remove accumulation.

Phyllanthus urinaria Herb Plant

Some people use boiling water to scald their seedlings or tender stems and leaves,

and then cook them into vegetables, or pickle them into small dishes with salt, or use them in a living diet.

However, because of its bitter taste and good medicine, ordinary children may not accept it,

so people will clever plan to chop it and stuff it into the fish slip to attract children.

If someone has early liver cancer, or is a carrier of hepatitis A, B, C, D and E, they can drink Phyllanthus Formula for a long time.

Although it cannot treat the disease, it can alleviate the condition and improve liver immunity.

If you are suffering from lupus erythematosus, you can use Phyllanthus for gradual chronic treatment.

According to Chinese medicine, women are blood-based, and the liver is a woman’s blood bank.

If a woman’s liver is out of balance, it’s like the earth’s lack of water, barrenness and cracking,

and its external symptoms are early wrinkles, yellow complexion, rough skin, pale lip nails, irregular menstruation, etc.,

so women go out to replenish makeup and replenish the liver at home.

There is nourishing liver, appearance wins dress up.

In addition, the liver regulates evacuation and can reconcile emotions.

If the liver function is not good, it will cause depression, mental depression or neurasthenia.

Especially in women with delicate mind, excessive thinking, liver qi stagnation is easy,

and Phyllanthus can protect the liver.

Helps relieve initial depression.

Men attach importance to nourishing the kidney,

but do not know that the liver and kidney are of the same origin.

If the blood in the liver is strong, the kidney essence is sufficient.

If a man abuses alcohol, smokes and stays up late for a long time,

he will destroy the liver, so that “the place that shouldn’t be hard is hardened”,

so men should also cherish the “liver” baby,

and make good use of the liver-protecting effect of Phyllanthus.

“Liver” is clean.


Phyllanthus urinaria Herb Plant

“If someone has early liver cancer, or is a carrier of hepatitis A, B, C, D and E, t

hey can drink Phyllanthus formula for a long time. Although it cannot treat the disease,

it can alleviate the condition and improve liver immunity.”

 Phyllanthus Herbal Tea

Efficacy: Clear liver and eyesight, improve hemorrhoids.
Material: 20 grams of Phyllanthus urinaria, appropriate amount of water.

Cooking method:
Boil the leaf beads for drinking.
*Suitable for smokers, alcoholics, people who stay up late,

computer people, people with insomnia or people suffering from hemorrhoids.

Herb Plant

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