Rabbits who dare to count crocodile teeth


Rabbits who dare to count crocodile teeth kids story

Choose the bravest animal in the forest.

All the animals who wanted to be elected came to campaign under a big tree.

The tiger said it should be him. Who is more brave than a tiger?

“No, it should be me.” said a fierce leopard. “I am much smarter than a slot machine.

The tiger is not my opponent.”

A brown bear stretched out his two large and thick palms and said: “Who is not afraid to see my palms?

I think the bravest one should be me.”

A little hedgehog also rushed to join in the fun. He erected all his spikes and said:

“Which one of you dares to bite me? Don’t dare, I seem to be the bravest.”

At this time, a little gray rabbit was telling a story to a big hippopotamus.

The big hippopotamus heard a noise in the forest and said: “Little gray rabbit, go and see what’s going on?

It made me unable to listen to the story. .”

After hearing this, the little gray rabbit went to explore under the big beech tree.

Seeing a little gray rabbit came, everyone laughed: “Haha, the little gray rabbit has come to run for the bravest animal!”

The big tiger and the brown bear both smiled and said, “It’s almost the same as making him the most timid animal.”

The little gray rabbit ran to tell the big hippo what he heard.

The big hippo came under the big beech tree, opened his big mouth which no one can compare in the forest and said:

“It’s useless to be brave and blow on your own.”

“Then you say, how can you show the bravest?” Tiger asked.

The big hippopotamus speaks most in the forest because he is big, has a big mouth, and has the strongest teeth.

The big hippo burst into flames, opening its mouth wide to bite a small wooden boat in two.

However, the big hippo is the best tempered in the forest and never provoke anyone.

So when everyone had a problem, they all came to the big hippo.

The big hippo opened his mouth and said a word, and everyone was willing to do it. This is called a final word.

Therefore, when everyone is arguing, I really want to hear the opinions of Big Hippo.

The big hippo looked at everyone and said slowly: “I see, the most grumpy and scariest thing in our forest is the big crocodiles in the river. Whoever dares to count the big crocodile’s mouth How many teeth, whoever dared to measure the length of that powerful crocodile tail is the bravest!”

“This method is pretty good.” Little Hedgehog said. Because the little hedgehog knew that he could not complete this task, he was not afraid of the big mouth of the crocodile, but the long and hard tail threw it over, like a steel whip, his hedgehog could not handle it, and others would never think Be responsible. He can’t be regarded as a brave person, and no one else can think of it.

Who knows that tigers, leopards and bears think so too, so everyone said: “This is a good way!”

“That’s it. No matter who it is, as long as he counts the teeth in the crocodile’s mouth and how long his tail is, he is the bravest animal in our forest. I will give you three days. Please come here after the day to see who is the bravest animal.”

“Okay!” Everyone just dissolved.

For three days, no one dared to approach this big crocodile, let alone count his teeth and measure his tail.

The only exception is the little gray rabbit.

The next day, the little gray rabbit went to the big crocodile.

The big crocodile is angry that he hasn’t found food that suits his appetite all day.

The little gray rabbit approached the big crocodile step by step.

The big crocodile looked at the bold little gray rabbit and said, “Come on, I’ll be able to eat you one step closer.

” The little gray rabbit suddenly laughed, his waist couldn’t straighten up.

“Am I funny?” The crocodile said angrily.

“No.” The little rabbit smiled and wiped tears. He said, “As long as I think of the few jokes I just heard, I can’t help but laugh.”

“Is it so funny? Just listen to it and make me happy too.” The big crocodile said, looking at the little gray rabbit.

“of course can.”

Everyone knows that Little Gray Rabbit is an expert at telling stories.

He told the three most funny stories hidden in his stomach.

Big Crocodile doesn’t often hear jokes, so he laughs especially hard, and he can’t even close his mouth.

When the little gray rabbit finished the first joke, while the crocodile grinned,

he was busy counting his left teeth; when the crocodile grinned for the second joke of the little gray rabbit,

the little gray rabbit was busy Count the teeth in the middle of the crocodile;

when the crocodile grinned for the third time, the little gray rabbit counted the teeth on his right.

There are a few teeth in the crocodile’s mouth, and the little gray rabbit is clear in his heart.

While counting the teeth, he found that the crocodile had a decayed tooth on the left and right side,

which was very decayed.

The little gray rabbit reminded him: “Mr. Crocodile, be careful that you laugh too hard and your teeth will hurt.”

After being reminded by the little gray rabbit, the crocodile’s teeth really hurt, and the pain was groaning.

“Mr. Crocodile, look at you, it’s good now,

happiness makes you sad.” The little gray rabbit thought for a while and said,

“It seems that I can only help you treat your dental disease.

“Can you cure dental disease?” the crocodile asked in surprise.

“Yes, I can cure dental disease, and I promise to cure it once.”

“What’s the cure? It won’t be a tooth extraction, right!”

“You don’t need to pull your teeth.

Everyone knows that there are several acupuncture points on your crocodile’s tail.

Just tap a little bit on these acupuncture points and the toothache will be better.”

“I can’t tap the acupuncture points on my tail.”

“I am willing to help you.”

“Do you know how many holes are on my tail?” the crocodile asked a little bit maliciously.

“There are a total of eight acupuncture points.” The little gray rabbit said, looking at the crocodile’s long tail.

“Come and help me, I can’t bear my toothache.” The crocodile said pitifully.

The little gray rabbit jumped boldly onto the crocodile’s spine.

He walked to the crocodile’s long tail and began to tap the acupuncture points.

In fact, he was measuring the length of the crocodile’s tail with his steps.

He jumped step by step:

“one two three four……”

With every jump, even one of the crocodile’s acupoints is clicked. The little gray rabbit is right.

The length of the crocodile’s tail is about five hops. In order to prevent the crocodile from making bad eyes,

the rabbit deliberately said three more points.

Little Gray Rabbit counted to “six”, in fact, he had already jumped to the ground by this time.

Sure enough, the crocodile thought to himself, the rabbit is still on my tail, and my toothache has gone away.

Now, as long as I flick the tail hard, the rabbit will fall into my mouth and become the delicacy in my mouth.

Thinking of this, the crocodile shook its tail vigorously, only to hear a loud noise.

The tail did not lift the rabbit, but a stone beside it. The big rock fell, and the crocodile thought it was a gray rabbit.

He bit hard and bit off three teeth. The crocodile screamed in pain.

On the third day, everyone came under the big beech tree,

and the little gray rabbit reported to the group: the crocodile’s mouth has sixty teeth; the length of the crocodile’s tail,

the little gray rabbit jumped on the ground five times and said: “The crocodile’s tail It’s so long.”

At this time, the big hippo said: “I asked the frog to measure the tail prints of the crocodile left on the mudflat.

The crocodile tail is as long as the little gray rabbit said. However, according to the dentist Rhino doctor,

the crocodile went to his Look at the teeth, there are only 57 teeth in his mouth.”

“Yes. Little Grey Rabbit said happily, “There are three more with me.

“The little gray rabbit took out the three teeth he picked up by the river,

and the crocodile knocked off the stone.

“I didn’t say it.” The big hippopotamus raised a hand of the little gray rabbit and said,

“the little gray rabbit is the bravest animal in our forest. Does anyone have any objections?”

No one objected, because everyone was stunned by the three crocodile teeth in the hands of the little gray rabbit.


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