Rainbow Tiger Kids Story


Rainbow Tiger Kids Story

The tiger wanted to make friends with other small animals, but everyone was afraid of him and avoided him.

The tiger was sad and ran wild in the rain. The heavy rain made the tiger wet, but he didn’t care at all. Instead, he ran faster and faster, running like the wind.

The rain is getting lighter, but the tiger is still running! With a sudden “plop”, the tiger ran into the rainbow.

what! The rainbow is like a colorful glass room, it’s amazing!

On the transparent “wall”, there are seven colors flowing: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple. The small water drops floating around are also colorful. The tiger touched the rainbow wall with its paws.

It was soft and a little elastic, like jelly.

Rainbow Tiger Kids Story

The tiger was tired from running. He wanted to rest for a while, so he lay down on his bones.

So soft! The tiger felt like lying on the grass covered with leaves, and like lying on the hillside covered with snow blanket.

The tiger rolled one after another in the rainbow! When the tiger felt that he was alive again, he ran out of the rainbow.

Seeing the tiger, the little squirrel flicked its big tail and shouted, “Weird, weird, so weird, a tiger ran out of the rainbow!”

Seeing the tiger, the little monkey scratched his head and shouted: “Weird, weird, so weird, the tiger has a big red, green and green body!”

When the little rabbit saw the tiger, he covered his three-petal mouth and said, “Weird, weird, so weird, how can the tiger become so cute!”

“Hey, who are they talking about?” The tiger stopped and looked around, then looked at himself, ah, he became colorful! At this time, a fox ran over and bumped into the tiger with a “bang”.

“I’m sorry!”

The tiger quickly apologized, but the little fox jumped up happily: “Thank you!” It turned out that the little fox became a colorful fox after they hit it like this.

Can the color be copied? All the little animals want to try.

The little monkey was the most daring. He swung over from the vines,

hugged the little tiger, and turned into a colorful monkey; the little rabbit also had a try. He carefully blocked the tiger’s mouth with a big mushroom and gently touched the tiger. Hugged and turned into a colorful rabbit.

The little squirrel, little grizzly bear, little white dog…all wanted to be colored,

and the tiger and them all gave a warm hug. So everyone becomes colorful!

The colorful animals ran around in the forest, like a flowing rainbow walking through the forest, it was very beautiful.

Later, even the sun came to the party, and he sprinkled the sun on every animal. In the sun, the color gradually faded from the animals, and they returned to their original state.

However, all the little animals are happy, they have a great time, especially the tiger, thank to the Rainbow!


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