Story of the Spider web


Story of the Spider web

In summer evenings, crickets play the piano in the grass.

The beautiful violin spread, the insects heard it, and they all rushed here.

The insects circled the cricket and listened quietly to him playing the piano.

At this time, a spider came quietly.

He hunched back, with eight long and thin legs, and step by step,

he climbed quietly on the very tall grass behind the cricket.

The spider climbed onto a blade of grass and looked down.

The cricket is below, very close.

The insects are all listening to the cricket playing the piano, and no one notices the spider.

“What should I do?” thought the spider.

“If I go to eat crickets now, everyone will see it, but it’s not good…”

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Story of the Spider web 

It turns out that the spider had such a sinister purpose.

He is afraid that if he goes to catch crickets immediately,

everyone will not spare himself if he is seen by so many insects.

“I’ll weave a web first.” The spider thought, and began to weave the web.

While weaving, he looked at the cricket, thinking:

“When the cricket playing is over and everyone is gone,

I will start again…” The spider’s web is ready.

This is a flexible, tight and dense net. He hooked his foot,

and the spider silk made a soft sound: “Beng–” This sound happened between the playing of the cricket.

When everyone heard it, they all raised their heads and looked at the spider.

At this time, the spider could no longer avoid it.

“This, this…” said the spider, “I mean, I want to accompany the crickets…” The spider is in a hurry.

“Wow–” The insects clapped their hands at the spider.

If there is accompaniment, the sound of crickets will be better.

Cricket began to play another tune.

The spider pulls its web with its feet, as if playing a harp,

to accompany the crickets.

Unexpectedly, the insects were happier.

Because the spider plays his web, although the sound is light,

but it accompanies the cricket very well.

More and more insects are coming to listen to the concert.

It seems that the crickets cannot be eaten today,

so the spiders have to settle down and continue to accompany the crickets.

In the middle of the night, the dew formed small drops of water on the spider’s web.

It’s shining bright, and it looks good.

Following the rhythm of the crickets, the spider plucked its own web.

The spider couldn’t help thinking in his heart: “Oh my god, my web can still make such a nice sound, why haven’t I noticed it before?”

The firefly flew out, and her little green light flashed.

The little green light of the fireflies shone, and the little water drops on the net glowed beautifully.

The spider became more and more intoxicated in the music he played.

He felt that music filled his heart with a beautiful feeling that he had never had before.

Insects praise the spider: “Unexpectedly, you are still an artist spider!” The spider is still playing,

because everyone is listening, he can’t stop.

The sky slowly brightened.

The sky slowly brightened. The cricket stopped and played all night,

he was really tired. The cricket sat down leaning on the grass pole.

The insects started to go back in twos and threes. In the end,

only crickets and spiders were left. Cricket raised his head and said to the spider:

“Yes, buddy, I will be here tomorrow.”

Cricket picked up the piano case and left: “Goodbye, buddy.”

Spider said, “Ah, goodbye… See you.” Spider Seeing the back of the crickets leaving,

he suddenly felt that he didn’t want to eat crickets at all.

Its daybreak. The sun shone on it web, and the dewdrops on the net glowed colorfully.

The spider is eating the dew on the web. It felt that this dewdrop was so sweet and pure.

After eating the dew on the net, he gently dusted off the net.

Looking at the new sun,

the spider said to himself: “This web will be accompanied tonight.” Although the spider is a bit hungry,

but it is in a great mood.

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