Thai martial arts action movie


Thai martial arts action movie Vengeance of an Assassin (เร็วทะลุเร็ว)

One of the Thai martial arts action movie , story of the movie tells : An assassin has its rules, always keep your eyes on your target, be strict on your mission, execute without any hesitation and there is no room for negotiation. Each killer has his own background, but all of them have trade in their blood and losses.

其中一部泰国电影讲述了一个故事:刺客有其规矩,始终注视目标,严格执行任务,毫不犹豫地执行,没有谈判的余地。 每个杀手都有自己的背景,但是所有人都有自己的血脉和损失。 对于纳特来说,他成为一名刺客并抛弃他的兄弟和叔叔的唯一原因是找到有关其父母去世的真相。 这是他一直怀疑并感到塔农叔叔对他隐瞒某些事情的问题。 在保护普洛伊(Ploy)时,他是一名当地商人的侄女,免受一群刺客的袭击,但被要求杀死这名女孩。


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