The Happy zebra


The Happy zebra story

There is a zebra, it looks very beautiful, its body is full of black and white floral clothes, it! Not only is it beautiful, it is also very happy. Why is it happy? Well, that’s because… come, let’s listen to it together…

“hohoho, I’m a happy zebra, driving my car, happily on the road” Zebra drove around in his beautiful car, and its singing sounded so long and old. far.

Ugh! Look, who is blocking the way, isn’t that a fat pig? What happened to him, the wheelbarrow with several bags of grain fell to the ground.

“Hey! Fat pig, you are helping mother with grain, aren’t you?” “But my grain is too heavy, my wheelbarrow is crushed!”

“Hey, are you missing a wheel? No problem, give you a wheel of my car!” As he said, Zebra gave a wheel of the car to Fat Piggy, and the wheelbarrow of Fat Piggy can continue walking. Up.

Where’s the zebra? It changed the beautiful car into a tricycle, and drove the tricycle, and he sang a happy song on the road. After not going far, he ran into the Ding Dong brother.

“Brother Ding Dong, how are you? Take my tricycle, shall we go for a drive together?”

So Ding Dong and Ban drove a tricycle on the road. They just walked to the edge of the big forest and saw Mother Cat crouching by the road with a frowning face.

“Mother Cat, what’s the matter with you? Don’t you want to send baby cat to the forest games today? It’s getting late, so don’t be late!”

“But, look at our baby cat’s buggy, and there is a wheel that can’t move.”

“This is terrible. The sports meet is about to begin. The cat baby gymnastics show is so great, it would be a pity if you can’t participate! Mother cat, don’t worry, give you my wheels! Put on this wheel, cat baby’s The buggy will start running, get on the road, the sports meeting will begin.”

“Zebra, you are so kind, but what shall we do now?”

“Brother Ding dong, don’t be pessimistic! Our tricycle can still run without a wheel. Is a two-wheeler good?”

So, the happy zebra drove its two-wheeled cart with his Ding Dong brother on the road again, and they sang loudly all the way. Everyone said, “Oh, they seem to be the happiest people in the world.” Later, they saw on the road that the male goat’s wheelchair was broken, and the male goat was in poor health and could not go home. Later, they were still zebras and Ding Dong. Tinker Bell enthusiastically removed a wheel and gave it to the goat male.

“Zebra, do you think our two-wheeled vehicle has become a wheelbarrow again, is it not bad.”

In this way, Zebra and Ding Dong sang a happy song on the road again. Later, the two of them ran into the little yellow dog who was worrying. It turned out that his train wheel was broken. The full car of wood was waiting to be transported to the factory for processing. Zebra gave little yellow dog his last wheel. Dog, this time, Zebra’s beautiful car has completely lost its wheels, but you can see that it still holds the steering wheel in a decent way and sings while walking. I am a happy zebra, la la la! Children! The story is over. How many wheels are left of the beautiful zebra car? Is he always happy? What do think?

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