The Kill List Thailand Action Movie


The Kill List Thailand Action Movie ล่าล้างบัญชี

One of the best Thailand Action Movie sharing to all “The Kill List”

Movie story tells : about a Black Mask organization who sends “Angie”

a skilled killer to find one of the organized James who has disappeared with the “The List.”

Angie disguising herself as a high-class prostitute in order to get close to James.

Along the way Angie meet Nina a prostitute. There something about Nina that Angie have a bond with.

It might be because she remind Angie of her younger sister who have die since they were kids.

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“ The Kill List”(杀人名单)是关于一个黑面具组织的,该组织向“ Angie”派遣了一个熟练的杀手,

以找到一名与“ The List”一起消失的有组织的詹姆斯。 安吉(Angie)伪装成高级妓女,以接近詹姆斯。

一路走来,安吉遇到了一个妓女妮娜。 关于妮娜(Nina)的事情,安吉(Angie)与他有联系。

这可能是因为她使安吉想起了从小就死的妹妹。 秘密组织“黑面具”命令人们杀死安吉和妮娜,



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