The Return ผีทวงคืน


The Return ผีทวงคืน

The Return ผีทวงคืน movie Thai

The Return Bangkok-Thailand This condo is rumored that A Lao maid with a guard mysteriously disappears,

but a teenager with a gambling debt (Sirachat Jianthavorn) has to go undercover to work in hopes of stealing property.

But the rumor was true When he encounters a soul that haunts .

Siem Reap – Cambodia Thai police (Akkaphan Namat) accidentally kill Burmese workers Therefore hid in a small hotel He found a haunting story. Like someone’s gazing There might be something wrong in this place. Or it could come from the guilt The pressure that followed him began to go crazy.

夜晚的幽灵 泰国鬼戏





Thai Movie |  Thailand horror action movie

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