Train to Busan 2 釜山行 2


Train to Busan 2 釜山行 2  半岛  尸杀半岛(港)  尸速列车 :感染半岛(台)  Peninsula

Train to Busan 2 釜山行 2

电影描述, 丧尸病毒瞬间全国爆发,4年后的韩国尸毒遍野,被全球孤立,沦为死城。所馀无几的生还者踏上最后一艘难民船,离开被世人遗弃的朝鲜半岛。退伍军人正锡(姜栋元 饰)和家人有幸登上难民船,但一上船便发现丧尸潜伏,幸得香港收容,这批韩国人才得以上岸,以半岛.

Story of the movie tells, the zombie virus broke out across the country in an instant. Four years later, South Korea’s corpses were poisonous, isolated from the world and reduced to a dead city. The few remaining survivors boarded the last refugee ship and left the abandoned Korean peninsula. The veteran Jung Seok and his family were fortunate to board the refugee ship, but as soon as they boarded the ship, they found zombies lurking. Fortunately, Hong Kong took them ashore.

Korean Movie | Zombie movies | Horror action

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